Your will, your skill, our students!

Are you an artist? A writer, a chef, or a photographer?
Whatever skill you have, we would love to acquaint our kids with it.

Your talent and skills are precious to us.

We know you have gained your skills after immeasurable efforts and hardships, and we would love to give our students a chance to learn from your unique experiences. A session with you will enhance our kids’ knowledge and keep them informed about various aspects of life. It will help them determine their likes and dislikes and help them pave their path further in life.

The best part? You can do it in your comfort.

No time-bound volunteering. We just need your valued skills and your precious time.

At Recess, we don’t believe in long-term volunteers and dedicated hours of volunteering. Our aim is not to make it a compulsion but something you do with your own will. We just need genuine people who will share all about the expert skill and add value to our kids’ lives. We are eagerly waiting for you. Come, be a part of Recess and share your skill with our students.

Want to volunteer?