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We keep the contributor in the loop by updating them with pictures and videos and showing how it was possible because of their support.

100% for the cause

All our donations go directly to the children and families. We don’t spend anything on ads or promotions, and most of our volunteers/interns work here for free.


Recess Trust is a Government registered NGO and we provide The Exemption Certificate 80G to all our donors.

Education, lifestyle, and privileges of living a good life; most of us were born with these things. A lot of us inherited them from our parents, who worked hard for us. We have been lucky to be born in a place where food, shelter, and education come easily.

But, it’s not the same for everyone. There is a part of society that is disadvantaged.

These people do not have luxurious beds to sleep in or delicious cuisines to pick from. They do not get the luxury of working from home during the pandemic. They do not get the privilege of studying on laptops, and mobile phones are their school went digital. This part of society ends up fighting and striving hard to fulfil the basic needs in life.

Have you ever thought of helping disadvantaged people and make a difference? Have you ever felt like contributing and make efforts to end the struggles in their lives?

Well, we have created that initiative. And, now, these people need your support. We have been supporting underprivileged kids and their families since 2015. We take care of their higher studies, introduce them to various experiences and activities, and empower them.

Do you want to help too?

You can donate money or contribute to our kids’ knowledge by sharing a skill; it’s your decision! We would love for you to get involved and help these kids get a better future.