Why Us

We all want our society to be a happy place to live in. But how is that possible? By trying to reach out to every element of the society and help them grow. Don’t you agree with us?

We live in a country where poverty is  a common thing. When was the last time you crossed a slum area on the way to your fancy party? There’s no Mumbai without slums, and slums do make up for a big amount of the city of dreams. 

So what do you do to empower the spirit of this city? Empower the society – and start from the grass-root level! We, at Recess empower kids from the slums. We make dreams happen, we make them feel like they are somebody – an integral part of the society. Learning at Recess is not the bookish kind, but a very interactive, practical learning. Our kids learn while having fun, gain knowledge by understanding concepts practically, and learn all this without benches, books and pens. Our Balwadi gives them a homely and congenial environment to grow in. Our volunteers, their hard work and dedication keeps the kids and parents coming back for more. 

Not just learning and education, we give emotional and mental healing utmost priority. These kids are brought up in an unfavourable environment, with no access to hygiene, education and some basic needs. But we open their doors to a better life, showing them and their parents the rays of hope for a brighter future.