What We Do

Recess was born with the intention of nurturing kids who are void of love, happiness, fun and knowledge. Our foundation lies in the very fact that knowledge is not just limited to the four walls of a house or a school. With the changing demands of the 21st century, we no longer believe in the obsolete patterns of learning. To prepare our kids for the competitive market we enhance their applied skills by providing experiential learning. By taking our kids out of the textbooks, our skilled volunteers expose them to the internet, professionals from various field, industrial visits, etc.

What initiated as a small set up with classes being conducted in a parking lot, went on to become a local Balwadi. The kids attending these classes belong to the slums of Mumbai. They’ve not been pampered like we have, they’ve not been lucky enough to get the love and affection that brings out their personality. Neither have they enjoyed the small luxuries of life, nor have the basic emotional nourishment required. 

We put our heart and soul in making every day, every class important and knowledgeable for these kids.  When it comes to teaching, we empower the kids with games, excursions, and other means of practical learning. The inspiration of our activities lies in the ideologies of the likes of Waldorf, Montessori, A.S. Summerhill, and the Plum village community. We’re a part of the education system that does not require benches, books or pens. 

We want to build individuals with emotional and social stability for which our enlightening classes involve:


Physical Activities



After a healthy dose of physical activities, we split them into groups according to their ages. By splitting them in groups of toddlers and young kids we are able to provide age-appropriate activities and games. Some of these include – activities for motor skills for toddlers, twister for the older kids, etc.

Let’s not forget that we are social animals and we need the special time to build interpersonal relationships. At Recess, we give extra attention to our ‘recess’. We have a special time dedicated to eating and spending time together so that every kid opens up and pours his heart in front of us.This activity is essential for these kids to understand the value of sitting together to eat and bond while spending quality time with their family. At Recess, we are a family. We sit together and learn about each and every kid. The concept of marriage, family, life, health, hygiene, dreams, etc, is made clear to them.